Finding a New Normal

Our Story


Along with growing up with a sister, Jamie, with Cerebral Palsy, Ed Slattery now has a permanently disabled 17 year old son after a horrific accident that changed he and his family’s lives forever.  On August 16, 2010, a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel, killing his wife, Susan Slattery, injuring one son and disabling the youngest, Matthew. Matthew defied expectations in his recovery from traumatic brain injury with the help of rehabilitation, and is now wheel chair bound. Outside of therapy, Ed tries to keep Matthew involved in as many every day activities as he can, “My attitude is that Matthew can do whatever we imagine him doing,” Ed says.

However, Ed has grown up watching his sister and the every day challenges that face the disabled, now including his son Matthew. He sees the substantial gap between the need for and the supply of accessible environments and daily living products and how nothing has been done to advance them over the last 30 years, which is what motivated him to start FANN.

What’s Next?

The goal of FANN is to provide tangible universal design solutions to disabled Americans and their families. FANN is dedicated to producing homes, products, and environments that are inherently accessible to people of all abilities, in turn, enhancing the independence and well being of those that are disabled. By optimizing architectural design to create universal access and engineering products that solve accessibility issues in the home, FANN’s mission is to simplify the daily life of the disabled and create environments that allow them to develop to their full potential.